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Tor, New York, 2010, 1st pr.  ISBN 978-0-7653-5852-3.  MMPB, 318 pages.  Unread copy, near fine.  ‘For five hundred years the immortal children of the Light have lived together in the north of Valdyrgard.  Einherjar and valkyrie, they were born out of the sea, made of starlight, each with a shining crystal sword.  They are Angels of Light, created in the formation of a new world.  But three have come before them, from the death throes of the old world, Midgard: … Bearer of Burdens, … Fenris, … and his demon sister, stealer of souls. … But one dreadful day a woman is washed up from the sea, a lady who is no mortal, though she is no valkyrie either.  And then begins the breaking of children of the Light, and the tarnishing of their power, and the death of Valdyrgard.’ (from rear wrap)

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