Jason Connery & Glenn Ford

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Front Row Entertainment, 2001, Colour, NTSC, Dolby Digital, Dolby Stereo, Viewer Discretion for violence, language and nudity, approx. playing time of 85 minutes.  Used copy, former rental; a few small scuffs/scratches on disc but movie plays without any issues.  ‘Winston Churchill is travelling through Morocco on his way to Casablanca during World War II.  Lurking in every corner are spies and agents working for the Nazis – who have a daring plan to kidnap Churchill and take him prisoner.  It’s the job of three expert counter-espionage agents, Cooper (Jason Connery), Franchetti (Francisco Quinn), and Lorna, to make sure that Churchill arrives at his destination intact.  The General (Glenn Ford) decides that Churchill will take the Casablanca Express, a train known for it’s (sic) security record.  Churchill is secretly brought on the train with a squadron of soldiers to protect him.  The train leaves as planned and seemingly the Allies’ plan has gone without a hitch.  But when the Nazis seize the train and take Churchill hostage, it’s up to one man – agent Cooper – to stop them from taking Churchill back with them to Berlin.’ (from rear case)

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