Brian Downey, Eva Habermann, Michael McManus, Doreen Jacobi, Rutger Hauer

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Salter Street Films, 1996, VHS video tape, NTSC, Colour, Science Fiction; Series One – Edpisode Three of Four, Uncut Video version; rated R.  New in shrink wrap; bit of wear on some edges.  ‘Welcome aboard the Lexx, a biomechanical spaceship that is the most powerful weapon of destruction in the Two Universes.  Meet the crew, its squeamish and ineffectual captain Stanley Tweedle, hormonally supercharged ultra babe Zev, wisecrack king robot head 790, and dead but still devastating ex-assassin Kai. … The Lexx is hungry.  Setting down on a garbage planet, the Lexx feeds while Zev and Stan get in over their heads.  They meet the delectable Wist, and she finds the crew quite delectable as well.  Featuring a guest appearance by Rutger Hauer…’ (from rear box)

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