One Small Break

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Marvel, New York, 2002, 2nd pr.  ISBN 0-7851-0824-6.  Large soft cover, unpaginated (approx. 160 pages).  Unread copy with a bit of edge wear.  Collects Peter Parker: Spider-Man (Vol. 2) #27, #28 and #30-34.  ‘While the world sees Spider-Man swinging from skyscrapers and vanquishing vile villains, it is Peter Parker who must make the hard choices.  The happenstance of a radioactive spider bite may have given Peter arachnid-like abilities, but it was the grief over how his arrogance caused his Uncle Ben’s death that forged him into a hero.  The lessons Peter learned in his childhood are what shape the wall-crawler of today.  It is what makes him leap out that window day after day protecting the innocent from a cadre of criminals – even though his life may be crumbling around him.’ (from rear wrap)

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