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Audio Renaissance, Los Angeles, CA, 1997.  ISBN 1-55927-415-8.  2 cassettes with approximate playing time of 3 hours.  Still in shrink wrap.  ‘For ten years now, Angelina Amaro has kept a secret.  She is in love.  In love with Sal Martucci, the man who betrayed her father, Mafia capo Paul Amaro, and sent him away to prison.  Ever since ratting out the Godfather, Sal has been on the run.  Abandoning the boring life set up for him by the Witness Protection Program, he is now tending bar in Key West.  And, of course, running some rackets on the side with local mobsters.  When Angelina spots Sal’s hands in the background of a home video, she heads straight for Mile Marker One to find her Sal.  Before long, her father is on to Angelina’s whereabouts, and Sal’s sleazy cronies are on to the value of having a capo’s daughter in their midst.  Before you can say “Romeo and Juliet,” Key West becomes the setting for a touching and hilarious tale of love, the mob, revenge, redemption, and some minor cross-dressing.’ (from rear box)

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